December 31, 2008


Make a New Year resolution!!
is the first shrine visit of the New Year in Japan. Some people visit a Buddhist temple instead. Many visit on the first, second, or third day of the year.
Generally, wishes for the new year are made.

We have good place to visit to make wishes!

The first one @ Grumphmunch.
This one is called "Inari", and Inari Shrine represents fox statues, as you can see there are foxes on this picture below.

This is a small shrine, shops and Japanese style buildings are around here.
To go shopping, see links on the right(Grumphmunch)◕‿◕

The next one, this shrine is near the ocean.
The creator who made this shrine said, he was inspired by "Itsukushima Shrine".
You can see beautiful Torii in here @ Buncrana.

Let's celebrate new year with brilliant SL's sun◕‿◕

December 29, 2008

saneharu's gallery

saneharu's gallery is now OPEN

saneharu Yoshikawa who draws pictures.
He opened the gallery @ Buncrana, RURU CLUB.
This gallery is open for everyone.

"The woman, pretending like a woman"
"The man, pretending like a man"

I say "I'm an adult, pretending like the adult"◕‿◕

"The dog, pretending like a dog"

A Lucky Board, you can take that picture if you have a LUCK◕‿◕
Also, you can get a tiny AV as a gift(it's in the entrance)

Take your time to look MORE saneharu's gallery @ Buncrana

↓About saneharu Yoshikawa↓
saneharu's myspace URL
saneharu's blog(written in Japanese)

December 28, 2008

What's NEW @

brand new KIMONO for MEN
mimify made traditional male kimono @
more images( blog)
Haori (羽織) is a hip- or thigh-length kimono jacket which adds formality.
Hakama (袴) are a type of traditional Japanese clothing.

Haori were originally reserved for men, until fashions changed at the end of the Meiji period.(by Wikipedia)

This kimono is perfect for coming New Year!
6 colors, black, brown, red, green, navy and grape.
You can buy it main shop or @Grumphmunch

This is [[]] JapaneseFormal _forMEN(Black).
There're lots of kimonos, most of them are for women.
I'm sure you'll like those.
Please come to take a look around◕‿◕

The colorful ornament in the picture above, it's called "Kadomatsu".
A kadomatsu (門松, kadomatsu "gate pine") is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year placed in pairs in front of homes supposedly to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest.

This is also good for New Year!
You can try Japanese Style New Year here in SL!
xxxSAMURAIxxx BRAND @Diafall

December 1, 2008




✿Welcome to the RURU CLUB✿

RURU CLUB is a private resort club.
We have shops, places to explore, to have fun.
Lists of SLURL are in sidebar.
Please take a look around ◕‿◕