December 29, 2008

saneharu's gallery

saneharu's gallery is now OPEN

saneharu Yoshikawa who draws pictures.
He opened the gallery @ Buncrana, RURU CLUB.
This gallery is open for everyone.

"The woman, pretending like a woman"
"The man, pretending like a man"

I say "I'm an adult, pretending like the adult"◕‿◕

"The dog, pretending like a dog"

A Lucky Board, you can take that picture if you have a LUCK◕‿◕
Also, you can get a tiny AV as a gift(it's in the entrance)

Take your time to look MORE saneharu's gallery @ Buncrana

↓About saneharu Yoshikawa↓
saneharu's myspace URL
saneharu's blog(written in Japanese)

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